Frequently Asked Questions

How are you able to grade comics at such a low price?
CBGC has developed a proprietary computer-assisted grading system, taking most of the "guesswork" out of grading. Our graders enter over 25 comic grading details into the system, and the system uses a grading formula to calculate the grade. We don't take the "human-aspect" out of grading, we just use our system to ensure that the grading is consistent and accurate. Our system doesn't have an ego.
Your "slab" isn't as thick as the other slabs - what gives?
Our customer designed case is designed to protect the comic, while providing a nice display for you to showcase your comic. We insert your comic in a Mylar™ bag and then it is encased in a .55 mil thick PVC shell. The Mylar™ protects the comic, while our case protects the Mylar™. Our case is also tamper-evident and tamper-proof - unlike the other slabs which can easily be cracked open, allowing someone to replace the comic with a lower grade and then re-seal the slab. You can't open our slab without damaging it beyond repair.
Do you have to join anything to use your service?
All we do is grade comics. You don't have to join a society or do anything else to use our service and receive discounts on your submissions.
Do you buy or sell comics?
Sorry, but CBGC does not buy or sell comics, so you are receiving a true, impartial third-party grading service.

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